Basketball Arts

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Here is how my shirts are different:
All the designs are actual pictures and illustrations that are digitally printed on the front and back of the shirt!

This is a special process, because when this happens, the color infuses the material, rather than prints on top of it. The process is unique in that it involves dye that bond to the fabric fibers, rather than to the surface as most other apparel decoration does. With my process the images will not crack, peel or fade when washed!
Because the process to print requires first to print on special paper, put through a heat press that transfers the image on to the shirt, expect the shirt to have minor smudges and streaks near edges and seams.

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A comfortable and lightweight 100% Polyester t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn for a super silky feel. This American Apparel t-shirt is made in America, sweatshop free.

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