Basketball To Success: How To Be The Prepared Student Athlete & Not Foul Out In The Game Of Life.

basketball to successA Basketball player having athletic ability with out focus is like having an octopus on roller skates, having lots of action but no direction. Basketball players can have a great future in store for them if they make the right decisions with their athletic gifts. Those that “get it,” will recognize and take advantage of the resources they have.

Unfortunately, some will squander these assets away and become a victim of themselves. They foul out in life because of

1. Wasting a lot of energy without getting where they really want to go. One reason is because they didn’t know where to go. They couldn’t hit a target they couldn’t see.

2. Not bothering to learn the rules and principles of self-improvement.

3. Hanging around the “wrong” crowd. The saying is so true, “Birds of the same feather flock together.” They didn’t understand they were the average of the five people they spent the most time with.

4. Not taking accountability for their actions. Winners make progress and losers make excuses.

5. Not having self-discipline. Self-discipline is to purposely do what they should be doing when they don’t feel like doing it.

The author, Cordell Davenport is a former NCAA Basketball Student Athlete. After high school, he encountered some misdirection that caused him to give up on Basketball and its rewards. During that time period in his life, he didn’t have a positive vision for himself. He definitely was not going down the correct course to bring success in his life. Fortunately, positive events occurred in which he was able to get a basketball scholarship. Five years after graduating from college, a friend gave him over 40 audio books on self improvement. Not only did he become focused on learning and growing, the results he wanted became achievable. With his new appreciation for Self Improvement, he wanted to share his positive direction with other Basketball Players.

To accomplish this, he wrote the book:. Basketball to SuccessTM. How to Be the Prepared Student Athlete & Not Foul Out In the Game of Life! This book teaches that success, doesn’t come to players, they must go to it. This is done through implementing and maintaining self improvement as a lifestyle. The material in the book is a must have. Like deodorant, it only works if one uses it. If players apply the factors in this book, They will be motivated to develop the correct thoughts, beliefs, habits and goals to prevent them from “fouling out in the game of life!”

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